Municipal Ground Water Resource Development, Protection and Management - GSI has extensive experience in the development of Well Head Protection Programs (WHPP) having authored two of the original seven Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) Pilot Well Head Protection Grants upon which the current state program is founded.  GSI has supervised the construction of dozens of wells and detailed numerical ground water flow models in the Mid Atlantic Region over the past twenty years. 

Contaminated Soil and Ground Water Remediation - Geological Services Staff have led the cleanup of dozens of commercial and industrial sites contaminated by synthetic organic chemicals, petroleum fuels and other hazardous or toxic wastes.  Typically, contaminated site restoration projects have gone from discovery and definition phases at the beginning of the project, through work scope design and regulatory agency negotiation, and finally to contaminant recovery system installation, operation, and performance monitoring.

Remedial System Design Optimization - In a related area of specialization, our expert utilization of numerical ground water flow and transport models allows the assessment of the relative efficiencies of various remedial designs without the high cost of well installation.  Here, simulation of contaminant behavior under various pumping and/or injection scenarios allows the optimization of final remedial system design in terms of the number and types of wells, their vertical and horizontal placement, and their rate of operation. 

Technical Peer Review/Expert Witness Services - Geological Services staff have been periodically called upon to review the work of other geologists and hydrogeologists for the purposes of a cooperative second opinion.  Here, Geological Services functions as an unbiased quality control agent on the team assembled by the client. This has proven to be especially beneficial to clients who have contracted national or international consultants for major remediation projects, but who wish to include personnel having specific local technical or regulatory agency knowledge